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Beautifully Engineered



Occupying just 1/10th of a cubic metre (520 x 370 x 550 mm), SC+ easily fits into small spaces.


Weighing just 32 kg, SC+ is easy to transport around the clinic.

Inviting consumer-driven design

Featuring the latest ergonomic design, SC+ seamlessly blends into the modern-day home or clinic.


Touchscreen display

SC+ features a big, bright, highly readable and responsive display.

Logical real-time workflow

Logical, linear screen-flow with only 11 steps from start to finish.

Cartridge-based design

Simplified set-up, with single-use cartridges and friendly colour-coded
consumable and device connections.


Flexible dialysis

SC+ delivers high-flow (500 mL/min) and low-flow (300 mL/min) dialysate flow rates, and dependent on mode, supports treatment times of up to 8 hours.

Compatible with existing prescriptions

SC+ provides standard bicarbonate-based, high-flux dialysis.

Modular water solution

SC+ easily connects to personal water purification devices in the home and central water feeds in-clinic eliminating the need for batching.

Precision Treatment

SC+ delivers the best in class therapy with precision ultrafiltration.


Treatment compliance

44 sensors continuously work together ensuring patients' safety and optimum performance.

Remote technical support

Remote machine data reporting and diagnostics help ensure SC+ performs as it should.

Cyber Security

SC+ protects patients' data with bank-level encryption standards and uses the latest
Internet-of-Things technology.


Official Quanta software updates ensure SC+ is up-to-date. 


Personalised home HD and clinic deliveries

Bespoke logistics support, tailored to individual patients' and clinics needs.

24/7 Support

Quanta customer support is available 24/7, making sure your treatment stays on-track.

Managed home HD conversion

Professional home conversion gives patients' the choice of where to install SC+.