Lifestyle choices, modern diet and increased life expectancy are all negatively impacting renal health across the globe and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) affects millions of patients worldwide. Haemodialysis is a lifesaving treatment delivered to an estimated 3 million people globally, with this figure expected to double in the next decade.

At present, haemodialysis is primarily provided by specialist clinics and centres. The rigid clinic scheduling means that the patient is not in control of when they can dialyse. It is clinically proven that more regular dialysis improves outcomes and quality of life for the patient, and a number of studies have shown that 30-40% of patients would be capable of performing self care dialysis.

Issues of patient benefit, cost and clinic capacity are driving the growth of home and self care modalities of haemodialysis. A major factor limiting the growth of self care and home haemodialysis is the lack of convenient, compact and easy-to-use dialysis systems.  SC+ addresses these issues and puts the focus on the patient, allowing them to take greater control of their treatment.

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